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Rank Leaders
These members are the highest rated gamers on the site. The Rank Score value is calculated as follows:
  • The higher your ranking on any given night, the higher your Rank Score.
  • The more people you compete against, the higher your Rank Score.
Ranking values are recalculated every night, when wager earnings are calculated.
Rank Leaders: Top 1 
Member Name
# Top 1
1Dan Van Schyndel 466
2mctubbits 390
3MoR 192
4oldman 184
5totalstu 159
6fisherking1 131
7keyofbree 121
8McKinney 120
9scorpion1366 107
10KingCleve 105
Rank Leaders: Top 2 
Member Name
# Top 2
1Dan Van Schyndel 901
2mctubbits 816
3oldman 395
4MoR 359
5fisherking1 277
6scorpion1366 254
7KingCleve 240
8totalstu 232
9keyofbree 199
10McKinney 196
Rank Leaders: Top 3 
Member Name
# Top 3
1Dan Van Schyndel 1293
2mctubbits 1187
3oldman 719
4MoR 503
5fisherking1 417
6KingCleve 379
7scorpion1366 375
8totalstu 279
9captain_canuck 237
10stephenepayne 236
Rank Leaders: Top 5 
Member Name
# Top 5
1Dan Van Schyndel 1937
2mctubbits 1731
3oldman 1275
4MoR 817
5fisherking1 643
Rank Leaders: Top 10 
Member Name
# Top 10
1Dan Van Schyndel 2846
2mctubbits 2607
3oldman 2305
4MoR 1471
5scorpion1366 981
Rank Leaders: Top 25 
Member Name
# Top 25
1Dan Van Schyndel 3705
2mctubbits 3480
3oldman 3054
4MoR 2205
5stephenepayne 1464
Rank Leaders: Top 50 
Member Name
# Top 50
1Dan Van Schyndel 3842
2mctubbits 3577
3oldman 3259
4MoR 2320
5stephenepayne 1554
Rank Leaders: Top 75 
Member Name
# Top 75
1Dan Van Schyndel 3857
2mctubbits 3596
3oldman 3285
4MoR 2338
5stephenepayne 1555
Rank Leaders: Top 100 
Member Name
# Top 100
1Dan Van Schyndel 3857
2mctubbits 3597
3oldman 3287
4MoR 2338
5stephenepayne 1555
Rank Leader Notes
Weekly stats use Sunday as the first day of the week. The first week of the year is the week in which January 1 occurs. Standings are updated daily and do not include wagers that have not been paid out.
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