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Bart: Milhouse, this is boring. Make it crash or something.
Milhouse: [smugly] Perfectly level flying is the supreme challenge of the scale model pilot.
-- Milhouse the RC nerd, "Bart After Dark"
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We know that all of you guys love competing with each other, so we thought we would introduce another set of statistics you can all brag about.

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1Send Message to this UserDan Van SchyndelHeavy ModeratorPlatinum+Stats Member2017-02-06$14,192.8442801$607,467,600.00$615,803,838.80$101.37
2Send Message to this Userstephenepayne2017-01-23$1,259.6811863$14,943,600.00$14,435,546.99$96.60
3Send Message to this Useroldman2017-02-06$4,417.0335436$156,521,850.00$150,484,682.52$96.14
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